Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Reel

I bought a new fly fishing toy (tool) last weekend, a Sage 3100 reel.  This is a very lightweight reel, weighing about 2.75 oz.  I'm hoping that this reel will balance out well with the two Tiger Eye 6'6" 4pc 2wt rods I'm working on now (similar to the rod I built for Mike).  I've got a Sage Quiet Taper 2wt DT line on there now.  We'll see how these Tiger Eye 2wt rods like a 2wt line.  I wouldn't be surprised if they may work better with a 3wt line.  Anyways, this 3100 is a click-pawl type reel.  There's a little plastic clicker in there that provides a little resistance to the reel spool.  The clicker's tension is adjustable, but so far I like it on the lightest setting.  A small fish could pull and take out some line, but the spool won't overrun.  Of course, the clicker makes a fair bit of noise, but most fly anglers kind of like that sound.  I'm excited to give this new reel a workout over then next year -- fun times ahead.

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