Saturday, May 23, 2009

2nd Grip

I made my second fly rod grip tonight. I followed the same basic pattern as my first grip - a modified RHW grip. However, I left the front end of this grip a little larger in diameter than before. I also moved the "saddle" a little more aft. These were mostly just experiments - trying to get a better feel for what I like in a grip. I think this one came out fairly well. I used 400 grit sandpaper at the end for a nice soft feel.

This grip has some burl cork in it. I like the color the burl cork adds to the grip as well as the patterning it brings. I'll definitely use burl cork again in future grips.

I made my first grip last week while sitting at the kitchen table. You may notice from these pictures that I moved outside to sand this this grip down. For some reason I just didn't feel like having to clean up all the cork dust from the kitchen again.


nana.amc said...

Your fishing hobby has taken a new road - from tank viewing and catching to construction. Great job on the grip. I can hardly wait to see your finished rod.

Anonymous said...

Both of those grips look great. Its hard to say which one I'd like better without being able to hold them, but I definately like to look of that burl cork mixed in there. Hopefully you'll have in done when you come up to Utah. Maybe I can help you reach some of your 2009 goals.

Hans and Laurel said...

I like the look of the second grip. I bet your pretty excited to actually use it. I think it is neat to actually get to use something that you worked on. Can't wait to hear about the first fishing trip with it.